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How to Style Shorts

A pair of shorts hasn't changed over time. Explore your fashion accent on how to style shorts.

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Life in the Boarding School

Boarding school life means students have to manage their own time, balance their school and social life, and make their own responsible choices. But for me there's more to that.

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Travel Brochure ( Proyektong Panturismo)

Ito ay gabay sa paggawa ng Proyektong Panturismo (Travel Brochure). Ang travel brochure ay isang paraan upang mapaunlad ang turismo sa bansa.

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In the Pursuit of the Philippine Begonia

This is about a reaction post about the different experiences of being a researcher of Philippine Begonia.

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Japan does not celebrate Teachers' day.

Japan does not celebrate Teachers' day. Here is why.

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Jack in the box song

A jack-in-the-box is a child's toy that consists of a box with a doll inside it that jumps out when the lid is opened. We will have this as a song.

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Making Glue Activity

This is a fun activity for Kindergarten on how to make a glue

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My first time to visit the University of Santo Tomas

University of Santo Tomas is one tourist spot we should all visit at least once here in Manila

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A taste of tradition at Ongpin MaƱosa Chinese Restaurant

revisiting an old authentic chinese restaurant.

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Ice Cube Experiment

In this experiment, the students will investigate where the ice will melt faster.

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The Radiant Glow of the Buck Moon.

The Radiant Glow of the Buck Moon

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Kumpas by Moira

Sa bawat bagyo na dumadayo Ikaw ang kanlungan na kailangan ko

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1min 21s read

Bingo Is Lost

This is a script for a school play about a lost pup and his dad went searching for him.

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4min 32s read

A closer look at Ma Mon Luk (Original Noodle house)

Ma Mon Luk, An authentic chinese comfort food right in the heart of Quezon City

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Being A Content Writer

The truths I have discovered on my writing journey.

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3min 59s read

Advice To Women in the Dating World

Advice To Women in the Dating World

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Marang: A Terrific Tropical Fruit

Similar to how durian does, marang has a smell that will make a room smell different. It comes in a variety of fruit flavors, including banana, jackfruit, berry, pear, and pineapple. Let's Discover more about this fruit.

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2min 9s read

Water Diffusion Experiment

What will happen to diffused food color or dye in hot water versus cold water

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UAE celebrates Philippine Independence Day on June 12

Proud moment for all Filipinos in the UAE as our Philippine Flag was shown in different Landmarks to commemorate the 125th Philippine Independence Day of Philippines.

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1min 39s read

The Pathophysiology of Wound Healing from Leg Degloved

This is about a brief summary of pathophysiology of wound healing from a patient who has fell and got a leg degloved

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2min 51s read

The Farmhouse Cafe minus the farm: A must visit place in Norzagaray

The Farmhouse Cafe located in Barangay Partida Norzagaray Bulacan, is a family and friendly place to visit and hold events.

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1min 48s read

Some Interesting Facts About Wine Making

This article is about a brief introduction, production and wine process. The drinking of wine is a long-standing custom. It takes years to prepare this complex drink to the true taste.

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5min 33s read


Boracay is the best beach destination in the Philippines

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Sample Activities for Two Weeks on a Theme about Bears for Kindergarten

The topic or theme is adapted to provide children with a broad variety of experiences that will enable them to develop the desired skills and objectives

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2min 25s read

Activities for 1 year old Baby

These activities are enjoyable and fun. Your 1-year-old's skill development will also benefit from it.

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Central Luzon Adventist Academy in Pampanga. A boarding school for intermediate level

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If I were the President

In this essay, a strong vision, strong leadership, and public servant are the three presidential qualities that every president should have.

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1min 24s read

A gastronomic Samgyupsal experience at ROMANTIC BABOY - LUCENA

Highly recommended samgyupsal restaurant in Luceny City

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Make Your Own Play Equipment

Supplement play equipment at your classroom with some of these homemade materials

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Cafe Kalayu, A new place with an Amazing view, cool weather and delectable food here in Quezon Province

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Tips on How To Get Promoted Working From Home

Is it harder to get promoted working from home? Well not at all, Companies that prefer working remotely embrace the digital reality. Additionally, managers can see employees' potential and help them progress in their positions. See the tips on how to get promoted remotely.

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1min 52s read

A complete Samgyeopsal experience in a box!

A new exciting way to experience Korean barbeque grill in a box.

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Fire Hits Manila's Historic Central Post Office

We say goodbye to the historic Manila Central Post Office with our heavy hearts.

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CHICKEN PASTIL aka CHICKEN FLAKES. A famous chicken recipe that your family will surely love.

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The Puzzle Mansion Tour: The World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle Collection

The Puzzle Mansion is a Museum in Tagaytay, Philippines. It is a large collection of puzzles owned by Mrs. Gina Gil- Lacuna.

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3min 48s read

Unique nicknames of cities and municipalities in the Philippines

The alias names, sobriquets, and slogans used by Philippine cities and municipalities are compiled in this short list of city and municipality nicknames.

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5min 0s read

When Do Flamingos Turn and Lose Their Pink?

The S-shaped neck, brilliant pink feathers, and stilt-like legs of flamingos have made them famous.Find out more about their pink feathers

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1min 21s read

Growing seeds In A Bag

Growing a Plant in a bag is an enjoyable and simple activity for kids to discover and learn about plants

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Indulge in the Lavish staycation at Sheraton Manila Hotel

Are you planning a trip to Manila soon? This blog is about the luxurious Sheraton Manila Hotel, which has everything you'll need throughout your stay.

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Lesson Plan in Music: Do-Re- Mi with action song

This lesson is for reviewing solfege syllables as well as learning the Famous musical song "The Sound of Music" composed by Rodgers and Hammerstein

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2min 50s read


These tips and ideas are just a few of the many adorable hair styles and hair accessories that are available for baby girls. Have fun accessorizing your little one's hair.

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Lesson Plan in Kindergarten : Chocolate Cake Making

This lesson plan is for children in their cooking class. A few basic ingredients and the microwave make this chocolate cake surprisingly simple to prepare. A delicious chocolate treat for everyone!

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2min 21s read

43 Words and Praises to Let the Children Know Their Worth

These are positive words and phrases to encourage kids

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How Does Music Impact the Lives of the Children

As much as music can set an energetic tone for the class there are other benefits of Music to our Children

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Boracay Island Experience with a Toddler

This travel blog will be one of the reasons why Boracay Island always stands out for spending your vacations in the Philippines

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12min 46s read

Guidelines in making decisions,planning and organizing your classroom

Consider these guidelines in keeping a well-organized classroom

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The Most Beautiful Garden in the World

The biggest and largest floral garden in the world is the Dubai Miracle Garden.

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The Eraser Bread

Did you know that you could use a rolled up piece of white bread to remove pencil marks?

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The following situations call for encouragement

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