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Lesson Plan in Music: Do-Re- Mi with action song

This lesson is for reviewing solfege syllables as well as learning the Famous musical song "The Sound of Music" composed by Rodgers and Hammerstein

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Lesson Plan in Kindergarten : Chocolate Cake Making

This lesson plan is for children in their cooking class. A few basic ingredients and the microwave make this chocolate cake surprisingly simple to prepare. A delicious chocolate treat for everyone!

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2min 21s read

Sample Lesson Plan in Literature: The Lazy Horse Story

This lesson plan is a Fable story for Grades 3- 4 students to enhance their Reading Comprehension Skills

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5min 10s read

Lesson Plan: Health and Nutrition

These are Lesson Plans for a Two Day Health and Nutrition Education Activity

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3min 37s read

The 5E Model Lesson Plan

This is how to create a 5E Model Lesson Plan in Science ,and why a teacher should use this planning tool for inquiry based teaching.

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4min 17s read

Mystery Bag Challenge

This is a fun game sensorial activity which uses the sense of touch

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1min 11s read

11 Daycare Lesson Planning Tips

Translating your state’s early learning standards and your center’s curriculum into fun, educational activities is best accomplished with a thorough lesson plan.

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4min 31s read

Five Lesson Planning Tips for Your Child Care Center

Lesson planning takes time, energy, and finesse to execute. These tips will help you create effective plans and make efficient use of your time.

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