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In the Pursuit of the Philippine Begonia

This is about a reaction post about the different experiences of being a researcher of Philippine Begonia.

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Jack in the box song

A jack-in-the-box is a child's toy that consists of a box with a doll inside it that jumps out when the lid is opened. We will have this as a song.

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Making Glue Activity

This is a fun activity for Kindergarten on how to make a glue

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Bingo Is Lost

This is a script for a school play about a lost pup and his dad went searching for him.

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Sample Activities for Two Weeks on a Theme about Bears for Kindergarten

The topic or theme is adapted to provide children with a broad variety of experiences that will enable them to develop the desired skills and objectives

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Make Your Own Play Equipment

Supplement play equipment at your classroom with some of these homemade materials

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This Super Art Idea is about simple Puppet Art Making. Most of them are open-ended to encourage creativity, and most are made from simple materials that are readily available.

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This a great idea to make, Do It Yourself and explore the seasons that kids will really love to learn and have fun.

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10 Useful Definition of Terms: Nutrition and Health

Nutrition basic terminologies

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How to make a Winter Sensory Bottle

By making Winter sensory bottles that kids may explore, you can create a winter wonderland in the classroom or at home.

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Michael Comes Late To School

This is a short puppet show script about a boy who comes to school late

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Common Errors in English Grammar

What are the common errors in English Grammar? Find out from these sample sentences.

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How to write Letters

These are some samples of informal and formal letters.

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How to make a Crazy Hat Soda Bottle

Crazy Hat Day at school is always so much fun! This easy Do-It-Yourself will be your chance to show off your creativity and styling skills to your darling daughter.

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How to Make simple musical shakers

This is the easiest and super fun Do It Yourself (DIY) way to make a simple musical shaker at home and in your music class.

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Heavy or Light

Ideas and activities for teaching Heavy or Light Math concept for Kindergarten

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