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Marang: A Terrific Tropical Fruit

Similar to how durian does, marang has a smell that will make a room smell different. It comes in a variety of fruit flavors, including banana, jackfruit, berry, pear, and pineapple. Let's Discover more about this fruit.

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The Pathophysiology of Wound Healing from Leg Degloved

This is about a brief summary of pathophysiology of wound healing from a patient who has fell and got a leg degloved

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Some Interesting Facts About Wine Making

This article is about a brief introduction, production and wine process. The drinking of wine is a long-standing custom. It takes years to prepare this complex drink to the true taste.

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Unique nicknames of cities and municipalities in the Philippines

The alias names, sobriquets, and slogans used by Philippine cities and municipalities are compiled in this short list of city and municipality nicknames.

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When Do Flamingos Turn and Lose Their Pink?

The S-shaped neck, brilliant pink feathers, and stilt-like legs of flamingos have made them famous.Find out more about their pink feathers

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The Eraser Bread

Did you know that you could use a rolled up piece of white bread to remove pencil marks?

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Fast Facts about the Human Body

Check out these interesting facts about the human body

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The Elephant

Here are some fun facts and trivias about the amazing elephant

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