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Ice Cube Experiment

In this experiment, the students will investigate where the ice will melt faster.

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3min 54s read

Water Diffusion Experiment

What will happen to diffused food color or dye in hot water versus cold water

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2min 16s read

Growing seeds In A Bag

Growing a Plant in a bag is an enjoyable and simple activity for kids to discover and learn about plants

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1min 41s read

Duck's Feather Experiment

Ducks - How do they stay dry? Find out in this experiment

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3min 2s read


This experiment will show what shape makes the best bridge.

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4min 48s read


This fun experiment will prove how light travels in a straight line.

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3min 18s read

Fun With Magnets

These fun activities with magnets will also make the children learn Science and Arts

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4min 2s read

Baking Soda and Vinegar Balloon Experiment

With the help of these five everyday kitchen items, you can learn how to blow up a balloon. We will see the power of gas in this fun Science Experiment

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3min 2s read

Why Boats float and coins sink?

How does a boat or ship carrying hundreds of pounds worth of stuff float while that same stuff would sink to the bottom of the ocean if dumped overboard?Find out in this experiment.

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1min 33s read

Exploring Refraction

Light may bend or refract when it strikes a transparent material, such as glass or plastic, both as it enters the material and when it leaves it. This activity allows us to see the effect of refraction.

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2min 52s read

What we can learn from The Minnesota Semi-starvation experiment

This is a short discussion and explanation about the Minnesota Starvation Experiment

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4min 56s read

Vibrations and Sound

All sounds are caused by vibrations. Air molecules are pressed closer together by the moving object before being stretched apart. This experiment will show how vibrations are produced along with sounds.

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2min 41s read