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Japan does not celebrate Teachers' day.

Japan does not celebrate Teachers' day. Here is why.

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UAE celebrates Philippine Independence Day on June 12

Proud moment for all Filipinos in the UAE as our Philippine Flag was shown in different Landmarks to commemorate the 125th Philippine Independence Day of Philippines.

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Fire Hits Manila's Historic Central Post Office

We say goodbye to the historic Manila Central Post Office with our heavy hearts.

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How Does Music Impact the Lives of the Children

As much as music can set an energetic tone for the class there are other benefits of Music to our Children

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Guidelines in making decisions,planning and organizing your classroom

Consider these guidelines in keeping a well-organized classroom

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LinkedIn offers more than 100 free courses in AI

Over the next three months, LinkedIn will give out 100 LinkedIn Learning courses on generative AI in a variety of languages. Read the news here:

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This 5 top list below will help you learn what's coming up in the latest Educational Trends in 2023

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How to Make Infographics using Canva?

How to Make Infographics using Canva? Infographics should contain the following:

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Protect yourself from Spam Texts and Messages on Android.

For the purpose of stealing your money from your banks, text spammers and scammers have developed new strategies in recent months to deceive consumers into disclosing sensitive information and personal information. Your name is already included in the text message that tempts you to click on a link in the scammers' most recent ploy.

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