Michael Comes Late To School


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Michael Comes Late To School

Characters in the Story:




Bus Driver



NARRATOR: Good Morning Friends! It's good to see you here in school. Is everyone happy to be back here? Let's see!

Song: Play this song before the characters speak.    https://youtu.be/LXrbnYYecck

I hope everyone was on time to catch the school bus. Great!

But do you know what happened to Michael? Let me tell you!


Mother: Come on Michael! Let's sleep now! The holidays are over and school starts tomorrow. Come on! You have to get up early.

Michael: Some more time Mom! Only 2 minutes please!

NARRATOR: But Michael doesn't listen to his mother. He keeps on playing.

Mother: (Scolding) It's really late Michael! I want you in bed now!

Michael: Okay Mom!

NARRATOR: The next morning...

Mother: Get up Michael! It's already late!

Michael: 5 minutes mom! I'm really sleepy!

Mother: (shaking him) Get up Michael! Get up!

NARRATOR: Michael got up. Brushes his teeth sleepily, takes a bath and is getting ready.

Mother: Come on! Hurry up! Drink your milk!

Michael: Mmmm ( yawning)

Mother: (angrily) Hurry up Michael! You'll miss your bus!


Bus Driver: (Beep) (Beep) Where is Michael? He is not here! It's late! I have to go now!

Michael: ( Walking hurriedly to the bus stop. He sees the bus) Wait Mr. Driver! Wait!!

NARRATOR: Michael reached the bus stop late and missed his bus.

Michael: Mom! Mom!

Mother: What happened Michael?

Michael: The school bus left me!

Mother: (Angrily) Okay! Come on!I will drop you to school!


Michael: Good Morning Teacher!

Teacher: Good Morning Michael! Why are you late?

Michael: I'm sorry teacher I woke up late this morning. I missed the school bus.

Teacher: Then sleep early Michael! Now, go and take your seat!

NARRATOR: That night,  Michael eats his dinner on time and sleeps early.


Mother: Michael Get up!

NARRATOR; Michael is already up. He gets ready on time and about to board the bus.

Michael: Good Morning Mr. Driver!

Bus Driver: Good Morning Michael You're early today! Very good!

Michael: Yes Mr. Driver. I'm ready to go to school now! Come on! Let's go!

NARRATOR: So we hope you too are going to sleep early, so that are you fresh and happy to come to school!

Song: Play this song then characters will wave good bye  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsIb5L0_pGY


Questions for discussion:

1. What was Michael doing in the late evening? 

2. What happened to him the next morning?

3. Why was he late to school?

4. What lesson did he learn?

5. Tell about the things you do on how you prepare for school.






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