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In the Pursuit of the Philippine Begonia

This is about a reaction post about the different experiences of being a researcher of Philippine Begonia.

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Marang: A Terrific Tropical Fruit

Similar to how durian does, marang has a smell that will make a room smell different. It comes in a variety of fruit flavors, including banana, jackfruit, berry, pear, and pineapple. Let's Discover more about this fruit.

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The Pathophysiology of Wound Healing from Leg Degloved

This is about a brief summary of pathophysiology of wound healing from a patient who has fell and got a leg degloved

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Activities for 1 year old Baby

These activities are enjoyable and fun. Your 1-year-old's skill development will also benefit from it.

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Make Your Own Play Equipment

Supplement play equipment at your classroom with some of these homemade materials

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Fire Hits Manila's Historic Central Post Office

We say goodbye to the historic Manila Central Post Office with our heavy hearts.

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Unique nicknames of cities and municipalities in the Philippines

The alias names, sobriquets, and slogans used by Philippine cities and municipalities are compiled in this short list of city and municipality nicknames.

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43 Words and Praises to Let the Children Know Their Worth

These are positive words and phrases to encourage kids

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Boracay Island Experience with a Toddler

This travel blog will be one of the reasons why Boracay Island always stands out for spending your vacations in the Philippines

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Guidelines in making decisions,planning and organizing your classroom

Consider these guidelines in keeping a well-organized classroom

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The Most Beautiful Garden in the World

The biggest and largest floral garden in the world is the Dubai Miracle Garden.

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The Eraser Bread

Did you know that you could use a rolled up piece of white bread to remove pencil marks?

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This a great idea to make, Do It Yourself and explore the seasons that kids will really love to learn and have fun.

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Vegan Recipes: Tofu Vegan Burger with White Sauce and Vege Pasta Recipe

Improve your Health and enjoy these Meat- Free Options

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Standards of Food Preparation and Handling to Keep Our Food Safe

Food must be handled and should be understood well by food handlers specially in every household. These are ways to prevent from food poisoning and the safety of food.

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10 Useful Definition of Terms: Nutrition and Health

Nutrition basic terminologies

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Fast Facts about the Human Body

Check out these interesting facts about the human body

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Fun With Magnets

These fun activities with magnets will also make the children learn Science and Arts

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Baking Soda and Vinegar Balloon Experiment

With the help of these five everyday kitchen items, you can learn how to blow up a balloon. We will see the power of gas in this fun Science Experiment

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Michael Comes Late To School

This is a short puppet show script about a boy who comes to school late

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Ideas for Planning a Memorable First Birthday Party on a Budget

Planning your child's first birthday can be stressful especially for first time Parents. The following advice and suggestions will help you plan a great first birthday celebration on a low price

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How to deal with toddler's temper tantrums

Try these practical tips for controlling your toddler's tantrums.

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Why is visiting the Museum important?

This is all about my memorable experience at a museum

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The 5E Model Lesson Plan

This is how to create a 5E Model Lesson Plan in Science ,and why a teacher should use this planning tool for inquiry based teaching.

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How to make a Crazy Hat Soda Bottle

Crazy Hat Day at school is always so much fun! This easy Do-It-Yourself will be your chance to show off your creativity and styling skills to your darling daughter.

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What causes an unwelcoming environment for Physical activity

Creating inclusive space for Skateboarding is a good investment in exercise. It also makes healthier community.

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What we can learn from The Minnesota Semi-starvation experiment

This is a short discussion and explanation about the Minnesota Starvation Experiment

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11 Daycare Lesson Planning Tips

Translating your state’s early learning standards and your center’s curriculum into fun, educational activities is best accomplished with a thorough lesson plan.

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Five Lesson Planning Tips for Your Child Care Center

Lesson planning takes time, energy, and finesse to execute. These tips will help you create effective plans and make efficient use of your time.

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