Ideas for Planning a Memorable First Birthday Party on a Budget


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Ideas for Planning a Memorable First Birthday Party on a Budget

 The first birthday of your child can be a lot of fun to plan. Most parents find that when their child reaches the age of nine months, friends and family may ask about the plans of the birthday celebration.But for some that might be the cause of a first-time parents'  stress.
Some parents could begin searching online or attending other birthday celebrations in search of inspiration. It's possible that they are envious of their friends' lavish celebration. They might assumed you have to host a fancy party as well.

You are still a good parent and a responsible parent despite all of these things. Simply make careful planning  and consider what is necessary for your family.

In the end, you just want your child's birthday to be  special  and a memorable one.

The following advice and suggestions will help you plan a great first birthday celebration on a low price. Say, your budget is Php 20,000 ( $ 400).


1. Make a small guests list.

There will only be around 60–70 guests for this simple birthday party. If you have a lot of guests, your child may become overwhelmed because he is not fully aware of what is going on around them. It will also help you to decide for the venue, how many invitations you will give, souvenirs, prizes, and of course the  food and dessert. You can invite your intimate friends and relatives for this occassion. 

.2Choose your Venue.

If you compare the prices of the venue, it can vary from place to place. The cheapest one including the decorations, DJs, sound system, food, tables and chairs will be very costly. But for these party locations  you can only  invite upto 30 guests. for ( php. 40,000 all included )So the most practical suggestion is to host the party in your home. It is free and comfortable for you. If there is not enough space in your house,  you can ask one of relative's house too. You can also host the party  in your frontyard or backyard. 

But remember, hosting a birthday party at home can be tiring.Unlike when the venue is in the restaurant or other event hall.You can always ask for help from your family and relatives to give you a hand in organizing the party and pitch in for the program itself.


3. Prepare and Do It Yourself (DIY) Decorations. 

It might not be practical to lavishly decorate the birthday celebration. As the event only lasts one day. It will cost money to hire workers and party decors. You can look for some attractive first birthday decorations online and then make them yourself. Purchase the items you desire that match the decor you find.  Make your own design. 


Make your own birthday cut outs or buy a birthday banner. You can create a big name for your child's birthday or the Happy 1st Birthday itself. You can buy 100 different sizes and colorful balloons. Purchase one big number 1 birthday balloon. It will be nice to put it on together with the birthday banner. For the decorations you can spend (Php 4,500)

4. Choose a Simple Birthday Theme

It will be helpful if you choose a simple birthday theme for the celebration. This will provide you ideas for the party's decor, menu, and activities.
When you buy the decorations, it will also combine all the features of your party together, keeping them organized, and make a great impact. You can choose a simple Vintage theme, a Disney Princess theme, Under the Sea theme, Among us theme and so on. This birthday theme is a simple Vintage Theme.

As you can see the different colors of the balloons are vintage.  As the balloons are made of latex, adding air doesn't cause them to easily burst. You can create it with an arc, curve, flower design, or by placing them on a stand.

Next is you can put the vintage dry leaves, grass or ornaments, Put them in a vase. It will add more sophisticated looked on your design. You can also put happy birthday message board letters on the side too.


You can even use a clear birthday box. You can hang leaves on top of them or place your small balloons inside.


Adding pictures of your child to the wall is an important addition to your decor. The best pictures of your baby from the first to the last twelve months can be hung, or you can even create your own pre-birthday session and hang the photos. A tarpaulin or a standee are other options.

Add an old christmas lights on the rug or carpet. 

For the final look, your decor can be something like this. 

Rent tables and chairs,They also offer table cloths. For this event, 10 tables and 40 monobloc chairs were rented. Two extra tablea for the candy corner and juice corner. You can spend around Php 800-1000.


6. Look for simple baby birthday outfits.

After selecting your birthday theme, you may now coordinate your baby's dress with that theme. For this event's vintage motif, for instance, you can find the outfit in an online shop or affordable stores. There are many designs available for low prices.

Stick to the idea that all you really need is a cute clothing for your kid that you can also utilize for other occasions as well. For these dresses you can buy them for ( Php 600) each.

7. Plan and List down your Food, Cake and Desserts.

You now know of the number of attendees you have invited to the party. You can lists for the meals you would prepare at home, purchase from a store, or have delivered. You can't cook everything, especially if there aren't many people around.

Your food budget will be Php 12000. You can order atleast 5 main dishes and have them delivered to you.

The following are the suggested main dishes:
Beef Bulgogi Large platter
Garlic Chicken 2 large platter
Fried chicken 1 large platter

Pancit Palabok Vegetarian 1 large Bilao 
Lumpiang Sariwa 1 small platter

The rest of the dishes that you will prepare at home: 
Creamy Vege Tapa

2 kg Beef and vegetarian Spaghetti
Coffee Jelly
Buko Pandan
Pineapple Orange Juice

 You can ask your family or uncles and aunts to sponsor for the rest of the food. You can also consider a potluck.

For this event, the birthday cake and other dishes were sponsored.Thanks to the generosity of the sponsors.



8. Go for Digital Invitation.

Here is a very practical way to send your invitations. You can use Canva to edit your own invitation or Facebook to create the event. It's easy, less time consuming and it's free. 

9. Prepare a Simple Program and birthday party games

For this event,  you can ask one of your friends to be the emcee or prepare for the games. The host can ask the emcee to present to visitors about the program.Key information, such as who will give the message  and who will give special renditions to the celebrant.


10.  Purchase inexpensive giveaways  and souvenirs. 
If there are no giveaways  or prizes for winning kids following the games, the fun is never fully complete. You can buy in quantity and look for really simple gifts like pencils, erasers, stickers, bubble wands, toy vehicles, pony tails, hair clips, and many more.

Ref magnets, keychains, and DIY towel candy are a few options for souvenirs. You can add customized photographs of your baby to it. You can express your gratitude for it by sending your own thank you note. You can spend around (Php 1200).


Note: All opinions are based on my daily life,personal experiences, interests and activities. Hope you enjoy all the ideas !!! 


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