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Make your own sensory bottles to learn about the seasons. Kids will really love learning about the seasons and discovering something new every time they pick up a bottle, turn it upside down, and shake it all about.  You just need some water in a bottle and supplies with your craft materials. The children will be able to make these sensory bottles. It is super easy and super fun. 

These ideas will help you get going. Play around with common items you have and see what you can create for the seasons of winter, spring, summer, and fall.


empty bottles




snow flake confetti

small bits of colored paper

colored paper leaves or dry leaves



food coloring 


How to Make Fall Season Sensory Bottle: 

1. Starting of with Fall Season, Let's put the colored paper leaves inside the bottle. (For these I cut out orange,yellow and red colored paper into a leaf shape.) You can also collect and use the dry leaves which is the color for fall season. 

2. Fold the paper into half and insert inside the bottle so it will be easier to put the leaves.

3. Add some red food coloring.

4. Using a funnel, Pour the water into the bottle. The colored red- orange water is slowly rising up.

5. Add some gold glitters. Close the bottle tightly then Turn it upside down. That's it Fall Season Sensory bottle.


How to Make Winter Season Sensory Bottle:

1. For winter, we have the water in the bottle.

2. Add some blue food coloring.

3. Then add some silver and blue glitter.

4. Put some small bits of paper or snow flakes confetti. You  can use white and blue colored paper. Do you know why we use blue and white colored paper? Yes, This will looked like snow.

5. Close the bottle tightly then turn the bottle upside down. That's it! Our Winter Season Sensory Bottle.


How To Make Summer Season Sensory Bottle:

1. Let's get ready for Summer! Add some stuffs and see how it will looked like Summer time. For Summer we are going to put some bright colors. When we think of summer we think of heat. For these we will put yellow food coloring into the bottle. You can see the yellow colored water is rising as you pour the water.

2. When we think of  Summer, we also think about rainbows and fun colors. So for these add some colorful stuffs like beads and jewels.

3. Then close the bottle and slowly turn the bottle upside down!. That's it! Summer! Hope you enjoy that! 


How To Make Spring Season Sensory Bottle:

1. The last one is the Spring Season! When we think of Spring, we think of Cherry Blossoms! So for these we need pink confetti and silver glitters. 

2. Put some silver glitters into the water.

3. Add the pink confetti as your Cherry Blossoms.

4. Close the bottle tightly then turn the bottle upside. There you have it, Spring Season Sensory Bottle.


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