How to make a Winter Sensory Bottle


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How to make a Winter Sensory Bottle


Winter Sensory Bottle

The format consists of the age group of the learners, the name of the activity plan, the concept, the learning objectives, the supplies, the instructional activities, and the assessment.

Concept: Making sensory bottles is easy and inexpensive. They don't need a lot of space. Without having to visit an indoor play area or children's museum, this gives kids the chance to develop their sensory learning. They are an incredible simple approach to include sensory play in your own house, car, or classroom.

For this activity we will make a winter sensory bottle.

Age Group: 4-5 years old

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the activity the children are expected to:

  • Describe changes that will take place.  and talk about their playtime. 
  • handle small items, including scooping, emptying, sealing bottles, and picking up. 
  •  while engaging in their sensory play, learn about playing with others, sharing, and communicating. 
  • use math and scientific techniques for measuring and observing cause-and-effect relationships while working with sensory materials.  Use their senses when exploring.



Have you ever wondered about snow? Who has seen snow? Where? What season does it snow? Does it snow in our place?  For this activity we will make and bring winter in our class and make our very own Winter Sensory Bottle.


plastic bottle ( remove the labels or sticker)


glitters  (silver, gold, blue)

confetti/colored paper cutouts

popsicle stick


food color



1. Add blue food dye to the water. be sure to keep it to a minimum so that it won't be too dark.

2. Shake or stir the bottle.

3. Add some glitter, such as some gold, blue and silver glitter.

4. Then add the confetti. For your confetti you can use small paper cutout snowflake designed

5. Poke it down with the popsicle stick. Drop every piece of colorful paper into the water. 

6. Close the bottle tightly then slowly flip the bottle upside down, You create a winter in a bottle.


1. Does your bottle looked like winter? How?

2. What are the colors that you see in your winter sensory bottle? 

3. Does your bottle look different from when you slowly flip or turn it upside down?

4. Show the picture or a video  of a real snow falling. How is the picture or video different from the winter sensory bottle that we created?

Watch the video here:




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