Target Goal: Self Control to Keep in Tract and Manage Stress


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Target Goal: Self Control to Keep in Tract and Manage Stress

An internal locus of control is the idea that one is in charge of one's own success. The outcomes of those who have an external locus of control are thought to be determined by external factors, such as luck.

 I would say that I am more of an internal locus control type. People who fall under this category based their success on their own work and believe that they control their lives. An advantage of an internal locus control type would be that they tend to take more responsibility for their actions; where a disadvantage would be that they would probably be more hard on themselves. 

An advantage of the external locus control type would be that those people look at situations in the team aspect. The drawback to this would be that they do not normally accept responsibility for their actions. 

When reading "Self-Regulations and Conscientious" there's a section about the three ingredients of effective self regulation. Under this topic it talks about the three ingredients being standards, monitoring, and the capacity to change.

Roy F. Baumeister Self-Regulation and Conscientiousness

Self- Regulation is Self-Control.

When I was in Dubai. when trying to manage my stress I feel like these steps would help tremendously, which I never really feel stressed back when I was in Manila.  until I went to the doctor and found out some problem in my system. The doctor said it was most likely from the amount of stress I am under. So after reading the information provided about stress management,  I have reflected on some things that need to change to help me get back to being stress free and happy. 

My standards would be something that is or is not working; I was working in Pre School then. The work load was too much. Working six to seven hours in school. Then doing reports, checking homeworks, Lesson planning and Lesson props  plus taking a couple of tutoring classes is probably all catching up to me now and I need to make a change. Now I need to monitor (keep track) of my stress. to make sure it's getting regulated, so I would say after a couple of months of getting out on time at work and being able to stay organized with my work and life all  this helped me a lot.

Many people regularly feel stress and anxiety. In fact, millions of people say  they experience stress or anxiety every day.

There are many factors   including everyday life, work, family, health, and financial obligations can cause stress levels to rise.

So I had a  reflection that  I am more of an internal locus control type and I believe that I am.  I take responsibility of  my action, I can say that  I want to be more successful in my life and want to achieve my goal however, working for a full day and taking tutoring classes can really be stressful. Another thing is that,  I mentioned that I was experiencing some problem in my system  because of stress and may want to change this to improve my situation, be happier and stress free, these all indicate also of my  control type.

I think being Self Regulated or Controling Oneself is having a disciplined mind over things. If you don't want to have stress or anxiety,  You have to say No to it.  With my control type these are the things that  helped me to achieve it:

• First, I have to manage my problem in my system

By setting up an alarm, I will get up, cook my meals,bring my lunch to school, have some food or drink water.  I had gone to the doctor and followed all their recommendations.  Thanks also for the Health Insurance. My MRI's and ultrasounds and OB-Gyne were free.

Managing my health problem first must be my first priority in life.  It is difficult to stay focus when for example I am in pain or having symptoms of the problem. So after having regular check up, monitoring and treatment, helped me to regain my health back and also gave me a peace of mind. I also mentioned that I have my alarm for my meals. I see to it that I don't skipped meals.

• I kept my room clean and my things organized. It was really helpful.

Having a clean room that is well organized was really helpful. I was able work well and did not forget things. It is irritable to see a dirty table and it is time consuming if I look for some things that I can't find immediately. 

• I slept for atleast 7 hours.

This was really helpful. My mind and body are fully rested. recharged, relaxed and refreshed.

• I developed a hobby, I bought a guitar and played a song with it.

Having a hobby of playing an instrument or taking care of something like a pet fish or a plant is really great,  it helped me to divert my mind for a while on my  busy schedule.

• I listened to Music, Read the word of God and Pray.

Lastly,  listening to music, read the word and Pray.  They help to relieve my stress and keep my mood happy.

Life is moving at speed. All of  us also want to catch up or be in this life of advanced technology. It's overwhelming.  Rushing through the day, meeting deadlines and doing the routine over and over can caused stress which is harmful for both body and mind.  

Having internal or external locus control type will depend upon a person. We always have the power to choose.

Developing a disciplined mind by saying No to stress and having a self regulation or control over things you may be able to manage your stress.


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